Upcoming Event: Brews and Hey You's!

Hey You! Feel like a tasty evening of beer tasting, hot ramen and chillaxing with other awesome young professionals and students? Join our mid-winter warming event by cracking open a cold one whilst mingling in the warm!

Past Event: Identity with Hilary Chung

All about identity! Who are you, who are we? Is our national narrative reflective of our diversity?

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July Issue: Race You There

The long wait is over. More than a year after Susan Devoy (whose main qualification seemed to be being good at squash) stepped down as […]

June Issue: Hong Kong!

This month was the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, an event that still shapes how the West sees China today. For those who […]

May Issue: In Good Heart

The Prime Minister’s ticked off her China visit. Now that the symbolic handshakes with Xi Jinping have been completed, the government has spent this month […]

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