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Positions available for 2019

The NZCTA YA are once again on the lookout for some talented individuals to join our team! We’re proud of the career development and networks we can help build for our people, but they can’t stay with us forever! We promise it's not because we bite. The following Auckland based positions are available for 2019:

Business Development Manager
We are looking for a competent Business Development and Events Manager to help drive our content and events. This is a vital role in securing not only speakers, but sponsorships and collaborations whilst also ensuring our organisation expands its presence amongst interested communities and China-related companies. We are looking for a real people's person who will build and maintain mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships between our organisation and various related parties. This role also requires basic organisation skills when it comes to organizing our events, from securing catering to the logistical side of things. In this role, you will work closely with other members of the events team and typically take charge of specific events.

Marketing Associate
We are looking for a Marketing Associate to help launch and manage marketing campaigns, maintain external channels of communication and effectively deliver the organisation's message to our members, attendees and stakeholders. We are looking for someone with strong writing skills, as well as a constant willingness to learn and adapt to changes. Some marketing experience would be advantageous but is not compulsory. You will have the chance to refine marketing content on social media channels and our website, execute marketing schemes, write our monthly newsletter, and work alongside the events team to come up with the best possible way to market our events.

Accounts/Data Manager
We are looking for an Accounts/Data Manager to manage our finances and keep YA running smoothly. We require someone who has had experience working with financial accounts. Some experience with data analysis and website maintenance would also be helpful. You will be responsible for making sure our accounts are in order, as well as communicating with the parent organisation. As this is a developing role, you will also be given a wide remit to develop the scope of it and work on things that interest you.

We are looking for someone with skills in graphic design to provide us with visually impactful creative work. We are seeking someone with proficiency in designing for digital platforms. As Designer, you will work on a variety of opportunities, including social media graphics, website graphics and branding guidelines. You will be given the space to be creative within the requirements of the role. Have a look at our events and website to get an idea of what sort of things this involves.

WeChat Content Creator
We are looking for a creative and original WeChat Content Creator to manage and enhance our Wechat presence. Being Wechat savvy is a must for this role and strong Chinese-English language skills are required. This is an important role in helping maintain a very important channel of communication for our organisation and there is much room for growth. You will have the opportunity to work with the admin team in writing and translating newsletters and event promotion for our Wechat and establish relationships with our Wechat based members. This is a great opportunity for those interested in writing Chinese and improving their business knowledge. Please follow our Wechat account to get a feel of our latest Wechat campaigns.

How to apply

Send your CV/portfolio and cover letter to Let us know why you would like to be on the Young Associates Executive Committee and which position(s) you are applying for.

Applications close midnight sharp 12 March 2019 (Tuesday).  Selected candidates will be invited for an interview in the same week as the closing date.