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Positions Available

The NZCTA YA are once again on the lookout for a talented individual to join our team! We’re proud of the career development and networks we can help build for our people, but they can’t stay with us forever! We promise it's not because we bite. The following Auckland based position is available:

Creative lead
We are on the lookout for a Creative Lead! As Creative Lead, you will have the opportunity drive how YA appears to the public through our social media, website, event graphics and branding. It will be a chance to test your artsy side in a meaningful way! Have a look at our events and website to get an idea of our previous works. Joining the YA will also open you up to an array of opportunities to network, learn and attend exclusive events. Skills in graphic design are desired, but not necessary. Please send along an example of your previous work or your suggested banner version of one of our past events so we can get a glimpse of your design.

How to apply

Do any of these sound like you? What are you waiting for, you gotta be in the race to win it! Send your CV/portfolio and cover letter to

Let us know why you would like to be on the Young Associates Executive Committee and the position you are applying for. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview soon after if their application is successful.