The NZCTA Young Associates is a not-for-profit organisation that was founded in late 2013 as the younger contingency of our parent organisation, New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA). It is run by a dedicated committee of volunteer students and young professionals, who emulate our purpose, giving up their time to deliver opportunities and events in the New Zealand - China space.

We welcome young professionals and students to partake in our various events and programmes throughout the year that offer insights into New Zealand - China space, provide professional development and networking opportunities. These are aimed at helping youth of all backgrounds and cultures to equip themselves with the experience, knowledge, and skills to strengthen the trade relationship between New Zealand and China.

As a member of the Young Associates, you will receive access to exclusive events, internships, networking and professional development opportunities in the New Zealand - China context.

Join us and watch your career take flight!

About our parent organisation

NZCTA was first established in 1981 by a group of leading business people enthusiastic about the potential of trade between New Zealand and the People's Republic of China. Today, NZCTA has since established a reputation in both New Zealand and China as an authoritative source of opinion for the respective Governments.

NZCTA's mission is to:

  1. Create awareness of trade opportunities and relationship initiatives between New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China.
  2. Foster an active community of members comprised of New Zealand-China traders, and those with an interest in doing business with China.
  3. Organise trade missions to China and provide members with access to China business intelligence.

In November 2013, the distinct value of the youth contributing to New Zealand's future with China was recognised in the creation of the NZCTA Young Associates.



We provide a network for young professionals and students to meet with like-minded people who have a common interest in learning more about New Zealand-China relations.
We host events on topics relevant to young professionals and students to help them gain insight, knowledge and expertise about New Zealand and China.
We offer internships and avenues for young professionals and students to meet with professionals and develop skills needed in professional life.
We provide exclusive opportunities to young professionals and students to build and connect with China-related businesses, businessmen and women in New Zealand.