YA Membership Revamp

Introducing… Our revamped, incredible new membership model! 

The team at YA have been working hard to revamp our membership model to make it better value and more accessible for you!

So, what's changed, and why should you sign up?

1. We have moved our membership to Patreon! It's a modern and clean hub where you can easily see the benefits you will gain as well as keep up to date with what we're up to.

2. Membership is now paid monthly at the low price of $3.5 (+GST)! We've gotten rid of our annual fee to make YA membership more flexible and easier to access. Cheap as chips!

3. We've improved the benefits you will gain from being a member. As well as event discounts, there are now many other reasons that you should sign up as a YA member. Check them out below!

NZCTA YA are proud to deliver amazing events both physically and virtually for members to involve themselves in the NZ-China space; we're all about creating opportunities! To get a glimpse, check out our past events here.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE: For a limited time, members who sign up will get full access to all benefits before the introduction of our higher-priced premium membership model. Make use of this offer today!

Membership Perks

Discounted Tickets and Event Content

Get free or discounted tickets to all YA events and member pricing for NZCTA (our parent organisations) events. Members will also get access to our past event recordings and presentations on demand!


YA Member's Lounge

SHARE, CHAT, GROW with the YA! Get access to our online Facebook community where regular NZ/China news and articles will be shared for you to chat about and keep up to date with.

YA Connect

Our YA Connect pilot programme will aim to connect aspiring young Kiwi leaders (a.k.a you) with established professionals and experts in an area of your interest to accelerate your understanding of the New Zealand-China ecosystem.

Professional Development

Access to our member-exclusive professional development series with topics ranging from networking, confidence in speaking and more!

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