July 2023 Issue: Opportunities galore this July!

Opportunities galore this July!

Welcome to the NZCTA Young Associates Newsletter: a monthly-ish digest of happenings and articles for young people interested in the NZ-China space.

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Welcome to the YA's newsletter, July edition!

It’s been a big month, and there are many, many incredible opportunities in the Asia-New Zealand space for young Kiwis! We’ve got the New Zealand China Council internship, the Asia New Zealand Foundation internships (a lot of them!), the Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America, and Schwarzman Scholars masters programme applications all on offer!

Plus, the North Asia Centre of Asia Pacific Excellence is holding a workshop for exporters in August which you won’t want to miss! Likewise, if we were in China right now, we’d be sure not to miss the Ophiolite exhibition in Beijing — read more below!

#1. Ample opportunities to connect with Asia!

(1) Exporting to North Asia? Make Brand New Zealand work for you, courtesy of NA CAPE

Our friends at the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (NA CAPE) are thrilled to be able to offer a workshop opportunity aimed exclusively at exporting businesses hoping to learn best branding practices with regard to North Asia. This workshop's low cost is thanks to subsidies from CAPE, delivering exceptional value at an affordable price. It’s all happening on 16th August, so save the date!

(2) Intern at the New Zealand China Council!

Information about the many internship opportunities organised by the Asia New Zealand Foundation can be found further down in this newsletter, but the one which we would like to draw readers’ immediate attention to is at the New Zealand China Council. For New Zealand undergraduate students or recent graduates majoring in international relations, business, communications, or media, this is your opportunity to gain valuable industry experience through an internship programme. The lucky candidate will support the work of the New Zealand China Council by contributing to research, public events, and social media initiatives under the Council’s strategic plan. Apply here today! Applications close on August 15th.

(3) Schwarzman Scholars

Apply by September 19th for a year-long, fully-funded master’s programme in Beijing! Held at none other than the prestigious Tsinghua University, this is a degree designed to foster a worldwide community of emerging leaders who will serve to deepen understandings between China and the rest of the globe. At the core of the programme are world-renowned advisers, a rigorous and innovative study of global affairs, and hands-on exploration of Chinese culture and commerce. Follow this link to learn more.

#2. A plethora of incredible opportunities!

(1) The Asia New Zealand Foundation has a range of internship opportunities up for grabs! Whether it’s based in the Philippines, Malaysia, Shanghai, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia — the list goes on — they have it all!

One internship to Shanghai, China is with United Media Solutions (UMS), where you will join a team engaged in activities ranging from public relations to marketing support for products in China made by clients of UMS. Cleo Gilmour, one of three speakers at the most recent YA event, previously interned with UMS; you can check out her experience of it here. The NZCTA Young Associates also hosted Eric Yu, CEO of UMS, as a speaker for one of our online webinar series, “Intergeneration Chances In China” — see a recording of it here!

Be sure to check all of the Foundation’s opportunities out here!

(2) The Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America (PMSA and PMSLA, respectively) have also been launched! Applications are open from 24th July to 4th September for the 2023 individual scholarship round. The scholarship funds its recipients to study a university course or undertake an internship which is linked to New Zealand’s education, economic, or trade missions in Asia or Latin America. This time’s destination countries in Asia are Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Singapore, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

We’ve had a number of YA committee executives who have been awarded PMSAs and have loved their experiences — see what they have to say about it below!

David: “I went to Yunnan in China to study Mandarin and met all sorts of interesting and friendly locals with whom I got to practice my language skills. Kiwi students and young professionals are very lucky to have this scholarship on offer!”

Allan: “I had the opportunity to intern in Zhuhai, China. Surrounded by the Pearl River Delta Metropolitan Region, there were plenty of opportunities to network, travel, and develop a greater understanding of the region. Seeing this firsthand with the scholarship is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Details about the programme can be found here. The YA wishes everyone the best of luck with their applications! 加油!


#3. Beijing hosts ecologically-concerned works by French & Chinese artists

The Ophiolite exhibition in Beijing showcases the works of Cao Minghao, Chen Jianjun, and Adrien Missika, three winners of the 2022 Choi Foundation Contemporary Art Award. These artists, spurred on by environmental concerns, use their art to foster greater public awareness and envision a sustainable future. Cao and Chen's Water System Project explores the historical and contemporary aspects of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, with Missika's works capturing his global travels and examining the relationship between humans and nature. Thanks to their unique perspectives, the exhibition invites audiences to reconsider our connection with the environment. The exhibition, which runs until September 17th, is an engaging exploration of sustainability and the human-nature bond. Read more here.

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Editors: Melanie, Shu, Mia and David

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this newsletter are solely the views of the NZCTA Young Associates and do not represent the opinions of the wider New Zealand China Trade Association or any of its executive committee.

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