What is YA Connect?

YA Connect is our member-exclusive career development programme which sees aspiring young people paired with established industry professionals for one-off meetings.

At NZCTA Young Associates, we believe building careers doesn’t stop at attending events and watching webinars. When it comes to nurturing networks, solving professional challenges, and cementing self-confidence, nothing beats talking to the professionals. Through this initiative, we'll seek out and connect you with Advisors who have expertise in areas in the NZ-China space that you’re keen to move into career-wise. Successful applicants will have the freedom to organise their one-off meeting with their Advisor whenever they see fit.

How is YA Connect run?

There will be windows throughout the year during which NZCTA YA Members can express their interest in the YA Connect programme. Each application window will be open for three weeks only.

This programme is open to YA members who are based in New Zealand, and our application review process will prioritise university students and young professionals who are serious and passionate about developing themselves and their careers in the NZ-China world. Signing up will require typical information like a CV, personal details, and professional background information. Beyond this, applicants are also asked to write about themselves, what industry insight they’re looking for specifically, and what knowledge and experience the Advisor we’re connecting them with would ideally have. As with other programmes, applicants will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions such as those pertaining to professional correspondence. YA Connect's eligible age range will be the same as our larger membership (18-35 years old).

We will endeavour to connect Applicants with Advisors whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee every application will be successful as it depends on whether Applicants meet our application assessment criteria and the availability of suitable Advisors.


2021 application window is Open on Monday, 3rd May and will close at 11.59 pm on Monday 24th May 2021.


How Do I Apply?


  1. Sign up for YA Membership (click here).
  2. Login in to your Patreon (our Membership hub) account.
  3. Fill in and submit the YA Connect Application Google Form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read more about and apply for NZCTA YA Membership HERE.

The deadline is three weeks from the start of each application window. Our first application window for 2021 opened on Monday 3rd May and will close at 11.59 pm on Monday 24th May.

No. This programme is FREE for all paying NZCTA YA Members.

There is no set time frame. Once you are paired with your Advisor, you are free to arrange your one-off meeting with them at a time you both see fit. You are under no obligation to meet again after this (though you may like to discuss the possibility of further meetings with your Advisor).

Yes, you can request for a particular Advisor when you fill out the YA Connect Application Google Form.

Meetings with Advisors are one-off, and it will be up to you to organise a suitable time and place.

Your application may not be successful in the case that you did not meet our application assessment criteria or we were unable to find a suitable Advisor for you.